About Earth Grown KidDoughs

We’ve been there. We’ve seen our kids take a bite out of a piece of playdough and panic because we’re unsure of its ingredients, walked away after playtime and come back just a short while later to find a hardened, crumbly mess, or spent hours scrubbing smooshed play dough out of clothes and carpeting. Fellow moms: we see you! Earth Grown KidDoughs was born out of the frustrations that came with traditional play dough.

Cali Talbot founded the brand in 2014 after identifying the core issues she and many other moms faced and got hard to work creating an alternative. Now, kids can enjoy playdough free of toxic ingredients with a dry resistant, lasting texture and incredible, nostalgic scents, all while enjoying hours of sensory fun.

We know that you will be able to feel the love and quality in every scoop of Earth Grown KidDoughs, and hope that it can bring as much joy to your family as it brought to ours.

Conventional Playdough


Toxic smell

Stains hands

Dries quickly

Probably not that safe to eat


Earth Grown KidDough Playdough

Super soft

Silky smooth texture

Doesn’t leave grit on hands

Taste safe

Lasts for up to 12+ months


Dry resistant

Encourages hands-on tactile play

Heat sanitizable

Amazing smells that are naturally derived

About Cali

Cali — Creator of Earth Grown KidDoughs — has worked hard to find alternative playdough for kids like her daughter, Aurora, who has sensory issues. After testing hundreds of ingredients and trialing countless recipes, she finally created the perfect, sensory-friendly dough.

Through this process, Cali discovered that the problem isn’t only what the dough is made of, but how. After combining just seven simple and safe ingredients from her very own kitchen, she created the best dough on earth that boasted a silky smooth texture with just the right amount of squish, zero residues left on hands, and delicious smells that both kids and parents have come to adore.




Yogurt Pretzels


I can handle just about any of life’s daily plot twists when I keep the basics stashed in the places I am most likely to need them. Supplies for an ultra-quick meal in my kitchen, a set of extra clothes for each kid in the back of my car, portable snacks and activities for my purse, and a pack of baby wipes in all of the above!


How long does the dough last?

Our doughs usually last for at least 12 months of play once opened. The more they are played with, the longer they last!

What is it made of?

All of our doughs are made of 7 simple ingredients: Flour, Salt, Cream of Tartar, Water, Food Coloring, and Natural Fragrance.

What is in your scents?

Each scent is a little different, but each is a blend of baking extracts, essential oils, and naturally derived fragrance oils.

How do I rehydrate it if it gets left out?

If your dough gets left out, just squish it to rehydrate! If squishing isn’t enough to rehydrate, add a couple of drops of vegetable or canola oil and then squish.

What if my dough gets sticky?

When you haven’t played with your dough in a while, it can sometimes feel sticky. While kneading for 15 seconds usually brings it right back to life, you can also add a little sprinkle of flour to help it along. If it has been more than 12 months since you purchased your dough, it may be time to replace it.

Is your dough Vegan?

Yes, all of our dough is vegan and none of our ingredients are tested on animals.

What do I do if my pet eats KidDough?

While our dough is made with natural non-toxic ingredients for humans, salt is toxic to pets. If your pet eats KidDough, please contact your veterinarian for further guidance.

Is your dough gluten-free?

Our doughs are made with wheat flour, which means they do contain gluten.

How should I store my dough?

The twist-top jars that our doughs come in are the perfect way to store your dough. If you lose your jar, just store the dough in a Ziploc bag. There is no need to refrigerate it!

How long does it take to receive my order?

Orders usually ship within 48 hours. Pre-ordered products will ship within 48 hours of their release date.

Where is your dough made?

All of our dough is proudly handmade at our headquarters in Vancouver, Washington.

What ages do you recommend for your dough?

Our scented and unscented doughs are enjoyed by kids as young as 15 months safely. For kids under 3, we don’t recommend dough with mix-ins like glitter or fimos.

What is your return policy?

Please see our full return policy here.

Do you ever have sales?

We do have sales occasionally, but the only way to know about them is to join our email list!

Do you do custom orders?

Yes, we do custom orders. Please email us for inquiries about your custom orders!

Do you do wholesale?

Yes! Click here for wholesale information.

How do I sanitize my dough?

Take your KidDough out of its jar and place it in a sealed Ziploc bag. Microwave on high for 45 seconds. Let it cool then put it back in its jar.